About Us

Sankarjyoti is a daily newspaper of Assam, which has started its journey in 17th April, 2013. The paper has two editions- Guwahati and Dibrugarh. Within this short journey, the paper can attract the common readers as well as intellectuals of Assam. Under the editorship of veteran journalist Dhirendra Nath Chakraborty, the paper use to cover local, national, international news of everyday. Editor Dhirendra Nath Chakraborty is the oldest editor of the continent Asia and he has a great contribution to the media as well as to the society. "Honesty is the best policy"-

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Dhirendra Nath Chakraborty
Phone- 94351-12968

Managing Director
Sautik Goswami
Phone- 88110-98079

Fax : 0361-2208788
Phone- 0361-2208787
Email : jyotisankar331@gmail.com